Cattery Calvencade Cats

Siamese and Oriental Shorthair

Helmond, the Netherlands

Kyra in de woonkamer op tafel

Calvencade Cats Kyras Revenge,  black tortie oriental shorthair.

We breed Siamese. Siamese in the colour Seal point Siamese in the colour Blue point Oriental shorthair. Oriental shorthair in the colour Ebony Oriental shorthair in the colour Blue

The siamese colours we also breed with tabby markings, these are stripings in legs, mask and tail. Also known as lynx-point.

We also have Foreign White, in Europe they are called the 'siamese in white'.

If you want to know more about our hobby and our cats then call us : 0031-492592077.


The first Red Point World Champion Siau Tsj'oe Red Crusader.
Information about cat behavior you can find here.

Our E-mail address: k.vanderheide@calvencadecats.nl

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