Gr.Eur.Ch. Senna van Sweabemimo (24a)

by Eur.Gr.Int.Ch. Silver Fox' Zodiac (24a) & Noesse Kiba (37a)

Breeder and owner: Mw. Creemers

The beautiful blue-eyed Siamese is believed to have originated in Siam, now Thailand, where only members of royalty were allowed to own them. They are said to have been the guardians of the temples as well as treasured companions, inheriting the transmigrated souls of royalty enroute to the hereafter. Because of the high regard in which they were held, Siamese were extremely difficult to obtain.

Probably the first American Siamese lived in the White House, a gift to Mrs. Rutherford B. Hayes in 1878 by David Stickles, the U.S. Consul to Bangkok. Later, others were imported to this country from England, and, by the turn of the century, they were beginning to appear in American cat shows. Their stunning appearance, with the brilliant blue eyes and "pointed" (darker) facial mask, ears, tail, and legs, gained them instant popularity.

In addition, their intelligence, their affectionate nature, and their desire to please guaranteed them their present enviable position of favored pet. Whether a show cat or home cat, a Siamese is dog-like in its natural inclination to "fetch," bow, and do other tricks, to talk about dinner and other important matters, to follow its owners around the house, and to settle in on a nice lap for a session of petting and purring.

Siamese four classic colors: the seal point, who tends to be the extrovert, with seal-brown, almost black points and a fawn body; the loyal and extra-affectionate blue point with deep silver or slate blue points and a grayish body; the lilac "prima donna" with pinkish-gray points and a glacial white body; and the fun-loving chocolate with milk chocolate points and pale ivory body. Show type Siamese should have deep blue eyes, strikingly large, low-set ears, and svelte bodies. The crossed eyes, kinked tails, and round heads, "apple heads", of yesteryear are regarded as flaws in today's show ring, though some buyers still seek them in their pet Siamese.

finger In the standard of points you can read more about characteristics of this breed.


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