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Calvencade Cats Tabby's Ginna (32/2)

by Eur.Gr.Int.Ch. Silver Fox' Zodiac (24a) & Gr.Int.Ch. Atahualpa Emily (32/2)


The tabby point

First of all, in Europe we call the lynx-point a tabby-point siamese. Americans call them Colourpoint Shorthair. A typical feature of the tabby point is the M-mark on the top of the head. The head, paws and tail have a typical striping. The tabby gen is a dominant gen.That means, every time you mate a tabby-point with a non-tabby-point, the litter will be theoretically 50% tabby-point and 50% non-tabby-point.

Common mistakes in the siamese tabby-point are:

Ginna and her sister Jutti together above the stove.ginna and jutti

A funny thing about these two sisters is that, although they are look-a-likes, you can distinguish them by looking at their rhinoscope. Ginna has a real tabby-spot on her rhinoscope, (just like the cat on the Brekkies food), and her sister Jutti has a solid blue rhinoscope. Both variants are allowed.

We wrote an article about tabbyies, it's in Dutch, where you can read more about the history and inheritance of the tabby point siamese.

finger In the standard of points you can read more about characteristics of this breed.


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