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Oriental Shorthair Black, also called Ebony

From the beginning breeding Oriental Shorthair in the colour havanna (Chestnut Foreign Brown) there were also black kittens born. They already had the oriental type. In 1968 a german breeder, Frau Dagmar Thies (Ayu's Cattery), started breeding black uni-coloured cats. She called them Ebony, the standard calls them Oriental Shorthair Black.

As she started breeding uni-coloured cats she used good typed seal and blue pointed siamese to enhance the type of the oriental. By breeding with selected cats with the type of the siamese, the type has been increased, so the oriental shorthair black is now as nice as all other siamese breeds. The ebony is looking like a little black panther. His coat must be deep black to the skin without white hairs and must be shining in the sun. His rhinoscope and feetsoles are black. The colour of the eye - like every other oriental shorthair - is dark-green. Because of his dark green eyes many people think that the ebony is a dangerous cat. This is not true, the ebony is like every other oriental cat a lovely and affective cat.

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