Breed: Oriental Shorthair
Color: Black Tabby Ticked
Sex: Poes
Born: 8/8/2004
Pedigree number RVT 122.196
Breeder: Fam. van der Heide
Owner: Fam. van der Heide
parent grand parents 3th generation 4th generation 5th generation
Sweet Cats' Thisgentlemanisblack
Siamese Seal Point / NLKV 2003.487
A Lang Thai's Indian Dancer Siamese Seal Point A-OVEK-LO09911180 WW01/ Int.Ch.
A Lang Thai's Future Breeze, Siamese/Seal Tabby Point,
Ch. N Ihda's Prodigy, Siamese/ Chocolate Point, A-VEK-LO-9810688 Ch.Int.Shermese Genesis
Siamese/Chocolate-tabbypoint Sverak 129417
Idha's Ladyblue
Siamese/Bluepoint NRR LO 115018
A Lang Thai's Obsession, Siamese/Seal Tabby Point, A-VEK-LO-9810687 Ch.Dazzling My Blue Heaven
Siamese/Blue-tabbypoint KK� 3053LO
A Lang Thai's Habibi
Siamese/Sealpoint sia n
KK� 3211LO
A Lang Thai's Deep Blue Something, Siamese/Blue Point, A-VEK-LO-9911173


Eur.Ch Dapper-Dillons ZZ-Top, Siamese/Seal Point, NRR108071 Int.Ch. Hagar's Merry Mexx, Siamese/Seal Tabby Point
Gr.Int.Ch. Dapper-Dillons Top Spinn, Siamese/Seal Point
A Lang Thai's Spoon Sugar, Siamese/Chocolate point, KK� 385LO Ch. Okonor Elendil, Siamese/Lilac Point
Ch. Pendlemist Carita, Siamese/Chololate tortie Point
Sweet Cats'Blue Me Away Siamese Blue Point NLKV 2001.305


Longview Ubetter Believe It,
Siamese Chocolate Point

GCCF CS 461731 


Gr.Ch. Sarnau Johpasqali
Siamese Cream Point
GCCF CS 411266
Ch. Karowowl Theiceman Siamese Blue Point
Longview Moonlight, Siamese/Chocolate Tabby Point, GCCF CS 270899
Longview Moonlightsonata Siamese Chocolate Tabby Point

GCCF CS 411266 

Ch. Karowowl Theiceman Siamese Blue Point
Longview Moonlight, Siamese/Chocolate Tabby Point, GCCF CS 270899
Final Fantasy of Imajica, Siamese/Blue Tabby Point
NCT 994447 


Eur.Gr.Int.CH.Longview Hehasthelook, Siamese/ Seal Tabby Point, GCCF CS 327728 Gr.Ch. Fistra Stringfellow, Siamese/Seal Point, GCCF NS 308460
Longview Moonlight, Siamese/Chocolate Tabby Point, GCCF CS 270899
Jocaste Opaline Rainbow, Siamese Seal Tortie Tabby Point, FE.L98.SIA.003.4 Loluja Topsecret, Siamese/Red Point, GCCF CS 330945
Jocaste Truly Divine, Siamese/Blue Tabby Point, FE.L96.SI.965.3
Calvencade Cats Ticked Minoes
Oriental Shorthair Chocolate Tabby Ticked / RVT 117.529
Eur.Gr.Int.Ch. Kanjer of Prisschep Cats. Oriental Shorthair Black Tabby Ticked / NCT994214 Ch. Nino-Nino van de Love Boat, Oriental Shorthair/Creme, NCT 964103  Ch. Azrael Jop Tan Foy van de Love Boat, Siamese/Blue Point, NCT 934140 Ch. Freelee's Richard Crimson, Siamese/Creme Point, CFA 2290-615546 
Amaryllis van Ankara, Siamese/Seal Point, NCT 914410 
Ch. Keep Me Kaya van de Love Boat, Oriental Shorthair/Blue Tortie Smoke, NCT 924327 Ch. Freelee's Richard Crimson, Siamese/Creme Point, CFA 2290-615546 
Smokey Snookes van de Love Boat, Oriental Shorthair/Black Smoke, NCT 914153 
Straatman's Ginger, Oriental Shorthair/Black Tabby Blotched, NCT 964344 Chaplin van Artevelde, Oriental Shorthair/Black Tabby Spotted, NCT 954248 Scintilla Silver Jester, Oriental Shorthair/Chocolate Silver Tabby Spotted, CA LO 90051214
Ch. Nathalie's Fianna de Romischri, Oriental Shorthair/Black Tabby Spotted, BC 6760
Daisy van de Bruijn's Kattenmand, Oriental Shorthair/Cinnamon Tabby Spotted, NCT 944062 Eur. Ch. Bas-Silicum van het Heuveltje, Siamese/Cinnamon Point, NCT 914364
Japke van de Bruijn's Kattenmand, Oriental Shorthair/Lilac Tabby Ticked, ECF 3102
Ch. Calvencade Cats Testarossa, siamese chocolate tortie point / RvT 100.637 WW96 & Eur. Ch. Siau Tsj'oe Red Crusader, Siamese/Red Point, FE.L94.SI.031.2 Pr. Siau Tsj'oe Jumping Jack Flash, Siamese/Seal Point, FE.l93.SI.044.5 Eur. Ch. Pendlemist The Shogun, Siamese/Blue Point, GCCF CS 116061
Siau Tsj'oe Romy, Siamesee/Chocolate Point, FE.L92.S3.004.3
Siau Tsj'oe Red Anoeschka, Siamese/Red Point, FE.L92.S3.016.1 Gr. Int. Ch. Chawalet Heavenreds Galaxy, Oriental/Red
Int. Ch. Red Yara van Jetrophin, Siamese/Red Point, FE.L91.SI.026.1
Int. Ch. Andrea Cappuccino, Siamese/Seal Point, FE.L94.SI.087.1 Gr. Int. Ch. Rawly Naryschkina, Siamese/Foreign White, DEKZV 155375 Int. Ch. Comanche von Eisenstein, Siamese/Seal Point, DEKZV 121553
Angelica's White Medea, Siamese/Foreign White, DEKZV 143046
Int. Ch. Calvencade Cats Zoe, Siamese/Seal Point, RvT 76.268 Eur. Gr. Int. Ch. Silver Fox' Zodiac, Siamese/Blue Point, LOH 38074
Eur. Ch. Calvencade Cats Victoria, Siamese/Seal Point, RvT 64.024


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