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Siamese and Oriental Shorthair
Helmond, The Netherlands

If you want do do an mating with one of our males please read this

A mating of one of our males will cost you 500 euros. We ask a recent cat leukemia and AIDS test.

With your kittens from our males are free to do what you want. We do not us any districtions to other breeders. Our male cats live in our house inside and outside the have their own residence.
This residence will meet
all guidelines.
We work with a mating contract where the benefits are to the visiting party. The following is in our contract.


Jikke en boike samen in het katerverblijf

Jikke and Boike in thier stud room.









Mating contract

Dear Siamese and Oriental Shorthair lovers,

· The price is €500 for a mating - to be paid when picking up the cat

· Up to four re-breeding is allowed if the cat
is not pregnant [1]

· When
the litter is born dead 1 time a free mating will be provided

· When
there is only  kitten born 1 time free mating will be provided

· At 2 kittens, 1 time a
mating is given for half the price

· Test, FELV & FIV no older than 120 days (SNAP allowed)

· Annual  vaccinations are mandatory but they must be at least 3 weeks old

with you:

Pedigree, and
vaccination booklet and  test results

ad 1

·         Female must be in good health

·         Mating can be done with an other female. We request a written statement from your veterinarian that the cat that was mated was not pregnant or recently gave birth.

·        Mating may be done with another male from our cattery if available


A Member of the GCCF Blue Pointed Cat club

Mundikat Nederland SOK en SIOK


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