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Siamese and Oriental Shorthair Korthaar

Helmond, Nederland

All pictures we made during the growing up litters 2012 upto 2014  online here.


We are expecting kittens end 2015 in the colours Oriental Black, Blue, Havana and Lavendel and of course Siamese too in this colours. Arja our oriental blue is mated to Jikke our seal point male  and here daughter Pepper a seal point is mated to our oriental blue male Eragon.

 If you want a kitten from our cattery or want to come on the waiting list please mail us your request and what colour and breed kitten you are looking for.










Breeders who are buying a kitten from our cattery are free in there breeding program. Of course we have some remarks wichs will be discussed before we sell our kittens.


More information via:
tel: 00316-20895367 / 0031492-592077


We have no restriction on our kittens. Breeding may be done with all our kittens. If necessary this can be done under our cattery name.

Our kittens are sold with a contract with warranty.  The new owners will get a health certificate and a warranty contract. On request we can send this contract to you. Al our kittens have a Mundikat Fife pedigree.

Calvencade Cats Mara met haar vriendje Tijl               

Our kittens are human liking cats and used to children. Mara and Tijl ont the left and Rinske en Mila on the right are the examples for this fact. Both are tired from playing together and are sleeping side by side. It's always hart warming to see how fast our kittens are close to the children of their family.

Picture by: Family Krijger and de Boer


On the picture Oenas a cream tabby point kitten from Nemo and Lady
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